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Theatrical Thursday: 'Becket' (1964)

The DVD cover of Becket

Theatrical Thursday is a new feature that looks at movies that are based off of plays. To kick off Theatrical Thursday, the 1964 film "Becket" is the first pick. Fans of historical period dramas should enjoy this movie.

"Becket" is based off of a French play that was written by Jean Anouilh. The play premiered in 1959.

Peter O'Toole (Henry II), Richard Burton (Thomas Becket), Martita Hunt, Pamela Brown, and Gino Cervi starred in the movie. "Becket" had been directed by Peter Glenville.

The movie is about the relationship between friends, Henry II and Becket, Henry makes him the Archbishop of Canterbury. It depicts their friendship then the conflict that ignites between them."Becket" had won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, and had been nominated for 11 others.

If you have Netflix, "Becket" is currently on their streaming, also remember to check your local video stores to find a copy!

So the 1964 film, "Becket" based on a French play is the first pick for Theatrical Thursday.

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