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Theatre Review: ‘November’ at Dominion Stage

Dave Wright as President Charles Smith in 'November.'
Dave Wright as President Charles Smith in 'November.'
Jessica Sperlongano.

How fitting that Dominion Stage is producing David Mamet’s political comedy, November during a presidential election year. With the entire play set in the Oval Office, this satire depicts one day in the life of President Charles Smith, the beleaguered American commander-in-chief. Though it is only just days before the nation will vote, President Smith has plans for one last publicity stunt in order to try to win his bid for reelection.

The show was as funny and as entertaining as it was thanks to the talented cast and good staging by Director T.J. Keiter.

In casting the role of the president, Mr. Keiter ‘voted’ for actor Dave Wright. Similar in stature to Rush Limbaugh and equally as loud and intimidating, Mr. Wright is successful in depicting a man who is desperately trying to win back the support of his constituents, even though his own speechwriter, Clarice Bernstein (Aimee Meher-Homji) has already written his concession speech.

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