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Theatre Auditions

January is the season for dancers, actors, singers and performers to come out of vacation to audition for the Spring season of theatrical performances. So, today is a fog horn to let you know Chicago performance companies are auditioning talents for upcoming shows.

Before you go to any audition do your homework. Check out the company, theater, group or individual hosting and backing the auditions. Its good if you go through an agent. But if you are searching on your own and by word of mouth, you should know the difference between Equity and Non-Equity jobs. In short Equity is a union for performers and makes sure you get paid correctly, accurately and they make sure performers get breaks during rehearsals.

Dancers: 2013-2014 Season Oklahoma City Ballet
February 16, 1 p.m.-3pm, Dancer-Ballet, Neoclassical, Contemporary
30 week contract, medical and comp salary
Lou Conte/Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, 1147 West Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL

Mercury Theater "Avenue Q" Equity $656.75/week
Call for auditions starting January 27, 2014, 312-641-0406, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm to 4:30pm only. Mercury theater is seeking both male and females who sing, dance and have puppetry experience to fill the 10 plus character spots.

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