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Patter for the Floating Lady
Patter for the Floating Lady
Chris Banning

There's an exciting production underway at ACT Theatre that is of particular interest to movie aficionados. The program of three one-act plays includes authors that will be familiar names to film buffs as well as theater fans, since all of these writers have long histories in the theater. Sam Shepard, known for playing astronaut Chuck Yeager in "The Right Stuff," has also won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama (for "Buried Child"). Steven Martin got started in Hollywood writing comedy, and completed his first play in 1993. Woody Allen has been writing plays and screenplays simultaneously since the mid-1960s, appearing as an actor in "Play It Again Sam."

"An Evening of One Acts: Plays by Steve Martin, Woody Allen, and Sam Shepard" plays through August 17, and features actors Eric Ray Anderson, Quinn Armstrong, Chris Ensweiler, David Foubert, Hana Lass, and Jessica Skerritt.

From ACT's official description: "Three celebrated writers and their trio of short plays stretch the imagination with magic, surprise, wonder, and a dose of science fiction fantasy to the summer. Famous for their successes on the big screen and the stage, we take a look at what Martin, Allen, and Shepard bring to their respective short stories."

Patter for the Floating Lady by Steve Martin
The bittersweet conclusion of a romance between a lovesick magician and his aloof assistant.

Riverside Drive by Woody Allen
A paranoid vagrant confronts a screenwriter he's been stalking for weeks, convinced that his prey stole his idea.

The Unseen Hand by Sam Shepard
Loners, outlaws, and aliens come together in a wild affirmation of free will and pioneering human spirit.

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