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Thea Queen's kidnapping

Willa Holland plays Thea Queen
Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Thea Queen now has a front row seat at the real world around her. Willa Holland plays the young, smart, and beautiful Thea Queen on the CW’s Arrow. The show airs Wednesday nights on your local CW network. It is hard to believe that the show is already in its second season, but it is still going strong. We have grown with all the characters including Thea. The most we have seen of her is her relationship with Roy Harper played by Colton Haynes. Colton is a newer face to viewers, but Willa was a familiar face from her days on The O.C. years ago. It is amazing to see how much she has grown as a woman and an actress since then.
Several weeks ago Slade made his surprise return on Arrow. Oliver and Sarah were sure he was dead. They have not given viewers any clues yet as to how Slade died in Oliver’s flashbacks, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was revealed before the end of the season.
With Slade Wilson now taking Thea captive, his story line will speed up. The last two weeks have had little to do with Slade’s character and felt like transitional episodes. They are building up for a larger finish to the season. There are twenty three episodes schedules this season meaning there are six more episodes including the season finale.
Roy broke up with Thea randomly because Oliver asked him to. Oliver told Roy he is too dangerous and to keep Thea safe he needs to break up with her. Roy does it. Thea is confused and not sure why Roy is pushing her away. She knows he is going through something, but not sure what.
The season ends with Thea telling Oliver why she is upset. She also tells him that he is the only one who doesn’t lie to her and tells her the truth. You can see the hurt on Oliver’s face since viewers know he does indeed lie to Thea. Oliver should have found a way to warn Thea that Mr. Wilson might not be the great person their mother makes him out to be. Some warning that might have stopped her from getting in the car with him on her walk home after a long night working at the club.
Next week’s episode will reveal to Thea that Slade is a bad guy. She has now been kidnapped and who knows what Slade will do or say to get Oliver to come out. It is sure to be intense.

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