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The ZURVIVALIST and KZom Radio interviews the L.A. Zombie Examiner

The Zurvivalist, courtesy

Recently, KZOM Radio has been revived -- not unlike the undead that they work against -- to help the folks of this post-apocalyptic world get much-needed intel on how to survive in different cities when the zombies become too numerous to repel.

The Zurvivalist, a weekly podcast interview series, goes in-depth with folks from across the globe about survival tactics, and they just caught up with yours truly, the L.A. Zombie Examiner.  Although the interview went really well and some hard questions were asked, this interview isn't indicative of many of the others...there's a lot that are either downright hilarious or frighteningly shocking.

Either way, though, if you're in Los Angeles when the zombies come a'grabbin', you may want to hear some of these tips and hints on how to keep yourself and your loved ones alive.  And check out other episodes of The Zurvivalist to find the town/city nearest you, or to laugh your tuckus off...before your flesh is torn asunder, and the zombies get you!

For more info: Check out a lot more (and funnier!) interviews and articles at The Zurvivalist's web chain:


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