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The Youth and Obamacare Tea Party here to stay

Town Crier in St Augustine, Florida on 1-04-14
Town Crier in St Augustine, Florida on 1-04-14
TCC Staff

January 4, 2014
“These are the patriots, the real patriots, the true patriots!”

Public knows who Obama is
TCC Staff

Today was a cold winter day in Florida. Gray skies, no sun, temperatures in the upper 50s, dampness in the air and a wind chill that made it feel colder than it really was. That’s how long-term Floridians would assess the situation. Of course, Northern visitors to St. Augustine, Florida saw the situation very differently. They remembered the severe cold and snow that they had just left. They rejoiced in Florida’s cold. “Lord, some of them were even wearing shorts,” exclaimed a Town Crier. In spite of the cold, damp, windy day, four Town Criers appeared for duty on St. George Street in the historic district. The Town Criers are a committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party. [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” in this publication August 26, 2013] The “Snowbirds” were aplenty. They were in good spirits even though the Sunshine State failed to provide much sunshine today. This reporter has been covering the activities of the Town Criers for some time and has witnessed numerous happenings. But this is a first; in the midst of the crowded street, the man pictured above pointed at the Town Crier group and loudly proclaimed, “These are the patriots, the real patriots, the true patriots!” He repeated this numerous times and, in the process, the crowd paused and embraced the Tea Party presence. It was truly an exceptional outpouring. In the middle of the excitement a Crier, in a loud and commanding voice pronounced, “the progressive movement’s over; we are in a new era.” There were smiles and nods among the public and expressions of acceptance of the idea. There was one exception, however, the Town Criers reported: “A left winger, who had earlier tried to engage us with talking points, was shocked at what he was witnessing. So he reached down into his soul for the right response. He came up with the middle finger gesture. When criticized by the public, he claimed the First Amendment!”

Youth engaged on Obama care

The Town Criers latched onto an effective way to approach the youth. The Crier asked, “Have you signed up for Obama care?” The young person answered, “No.” The Crier, who was a senior, responded with, “I don’t feel so good. I think I’m going to need a lot of medical care. You better sign up. I need you to pay for my health care.” This brought a puzzled look to the face of that young person. The Crier then asked, “Do you think it’s fair?” Universally, the answer is “No”, at which point the Town Crier said, “Resist! We already paid for our health care with years of taxation by the Federal Government.”

8000 Views: Note to the GOP, “We are here to stay!”

Yes. The interaction with the tourists from all over was dynamic, on Saturday, January 4, 2014.
There was a steady column of three to four thousand people an hour. Everyone saw, and many interacted with the Town Criers. Hundreds took picture after picture and, instantly, put them on the Internet. They were all middle class families and couples who have the money to visit St. Augustine. These are the voters whom the Republican Establishment is missing. “The Tea Party Movement is growing ‘in the People’. It’s alive, it’s an awakening and the Republican gang is dead”, said Dave Heimbold, Media Chairman & Tea Party spokesman.