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The young, surrendered German shepherd who never stood a chance

Rest in peace Snow
Pat Gregoire

On August 12, "Snow," a white German shepherd, was killed at the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control facility in Baldwin Park, Calif.

Just seven days before Snow's death, her owner had walked her into the facility and surrendered ownership - the reasons behind that surrender are unknown. Tragically, the frightened young dog, who had just lost her home and her people, did not fare well behind fact, her fear was construed as aggression and that was the reason cited by the facility for her "euthanasia."

The day after Snow was killed, a volunteer who had photographed the dog, with the hopes that she might find an adopter, wrote these words:

Snow is gone. Never had a chance once they labeled her 'aggressive' which is totally opposite of what I saw and experienced with her.

She never growled; didn't show her teeth. She was afraid - definitely. She clearly wanted to be loved. why else would she lean into the kennel and nuzzle her face into my hand?

My heart breaks for this girl. She deserved so much more. run free beautiful girl.

Many dogs do not do well in a frightening kennel environment - it is typical for dogs to withdraw, or become defensive. Anything construed by animal control staff as "aggressive" behavior can be used as a reason to put the dog down.

Many owners who turn to a "shelter" to surrender their pets are unaware of the stress the environment puts on the dogs - many owners who surrender their pets have no idea that a good majority of those surrendered animals never make it out alive.

Any dog who is held within a busy, high-intake animal control facility should be considered "urgent" and every effort to get that dog to safety should be made.

Rest in peace Snow.

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