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The Young Jerks: Gun rights vs gun frights

Libertarians acknowledge that intelligent, thoughtful people have legitimate concerns about their fellow citizens carrying guns, either concealed or openly.

1. Language alert. 2. The report of employees hiding in the freezer was false. 3. How does this Young female Turk know what the employee in the background was thinking? 4. How did these Young male Turks see the Thumb Sized Dicks of the activists?
The Young Turks/YouTube

But while many insist on what they call sensible or responsible gun control almost always see an upside for their position but rarely if ever see the downside.

The upside is presented as an effort to keep guns out of the hands of those who would use them criminally while allowing responsible people to own and carry them.

The downside is that there is simply no way of doing this.

The more vigorously that guns are regulated, controlled or outright banned the more lucrative and widespread the black market in guns will become. This means three things.

1. The uncontrollably violent response to the prohibition of alcohol and later the prohibitionist War on Drugs created massively lucrative incomes for sociopathic international criminal cartels. Banning or even severely restricting access to guns will accomplish the same thing.

2. Government response to black markets always require massive bureaucracies requiring massive amounts of tax money while massively violating virtually everyone's rights, freedoms and property.

3. Trying to stop gun violence by expanding police protection only expands the police state which, as has already been demonstrated at places like Dallas Cop Block, becomes the source of gun violence itself.

Even worse than the intelligent, thoughtful people who oppose guns in the hands of their fellow citizens are the mindless name-callers.

They accomplish nothing. An example is a video hairball coughed up by The Young Jerks who call themselves The Young Turks.

These Video Trolls accuse those who openly carry really big guns of compensating for having really tiny penises are themselves people with really tiny brains.

It's just another example of "groupthink," which means pre-judging individuals on the basis of some group to which they've been assigned, in this case open carry advocates are all gun nuts, gun extremists or "open carry yahoos."

Remember that the word "prejudice" means to pre-judge and that pre-judging is the fundamental basis for racism, sexism and all of the other groupthink isms.

So that brings up the question: Did all cops have really big penises before they were trained in the police academies on how to handle weapons so now they all have really tiny penises? And what happens when cops retire and hang up their guns, do their penises grow big again?

This is the logic problem people with really tiny brains always have whenever they open their really big mouths about guns.

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