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'The Young and the Restless': Will Stitch violate newest Billy's rights

Carrigan has injected extra tension into the Billy-Victoria mix.
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The sanctity of a paternity test within the soap world is hardly sacrosanct. And that's exactly why 'Stitch' aka 'Ben Rayburn' (Sean Carrigan) seems likely to actually commit this pedigreed crime, which would eventually set Burgess Jenkins' soon-to-be character aflame.

As all hardcore fans of 'The Young and the Restless' know, Jenkins is the latest actor to walk through the revolving Genoa City acting door that leads to 'Billy Abbott's' scripts. David Tom, overly nitpicked by many in this humble author's opinion, was recently erased from the active employee list for whatever reason(s). It's not only fair, but honest, to say that he had an extremely tough act to follow and wasn't given enough time to find his way back to an Emmy-winning role (2000) he helped to create.

Of course, Billy Miller set a high bar with his indelible portrayal of a destroyed father through three grueling months in the 'Delia Dies' storyline. Miller's 'Billy' fought with the best of them, meaning 'Victor', 'Adam' and whoever else crossed his path on any given day. Plus, he was the man who developed an enduring chemistry with 'Victoria' along the way.

Jenkins appears to be facing an even more daunting task than Tom, though he may benefit by being new to the story. As with all things fictional, audience acceptance will be based upon perceived performance level. However, even the greatest actors can't rescue convoluted daytime fodder.

Because 'Stitch' already crossed the privacy-line when he viewed 'Victoria's' medical tests, he's already shown the capacity to adjust her upcoming paternity results 'Sharon' style. Sharp writing should enlighten the newest 'Billy' to 'Dr. Rayburn's' easy access. But, should fans expect better words to be offered to the current cast anytime soon?

Regarding the 2014 television calendar, 'Billy III' will apparently debut in early-summer, with no reference to 'Sharon's' switched result intended. So, as the days get hotter, Jenkins' character will clearly need to keep his eye on every move 'Stitch' makes.

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