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'The Young and the Restless': Victor's Doctor Frankenstein will revive Phyllis

Tognoni ready to resurrect Phyllis.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

'Victor Newman' (Eric Braeden) has played God many times on 'The Young and the Restless'. The 'Dark Knight's' latest attempt to rule the world involves him funding a modern day Doctor Frankenstein.

'Victor's' directive is simple, raise 'Phyllis Newman' from her hospital bed with the good doctor's experimental drug treatment. Hey, scenes like that have taken place on many fictional fronts in the past. So, this scheme makes perfect sense in the current daytime world as well. 'Victor' wants to force 'Sharon's' (Sharon Case) secret from her mind using any Machiavellian method possible.

It was announced a few months ago that veteran soap actor Gina Tognoni had been hired to assume Michelle Stafford's old role. While no one can embody (direct pun intended) Stafford's presence, it's certainly possible that the new 'Phyllis' can make the character her own over time.

Of course, there are multiple storyline implications pending whenever 'Red' does wake up. 'Summer' (Hunter King), 'Nick' (Joshua Morrow) and 'Jack' (Peter Bergman) will surely be affected in varying ways. Then, there is a major set of potential consequences that await the ever-tormented 'Sharon'.

Regardless of how 'Sharon's' secret is revealed, it's reasonable to believe that 'Nick' will find a way to forgive his former, possibly once-again, wife. He could easily rationalize her actions as part of her mental condition. Plus, considering that this is a soap world, the infamous paternity results might somehow be reconfirmed proving that 'Nick' is 'Summer's' biological father after all.

Due to Stafford's choice to transfer her daytime allegiance to ABC's 'General Hospital', YR was forced to make a choice. Give 'Phyllis' a new face, or let the character linger in limbo.

While Stafford wasn't the only actor to ever play 'Phyllis', she surely made that part her own. So, time (and viewer reaction) will tell if Tognoni is able to project an acceptable revived version of this crucial Genoa City character. Her version of that persona will soon be seen.

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