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'The Young and the Restless': Victor Newman is Camryn Grimes' patron

Victor Newman attempted to play God on many occasions on 'The Young and the Restless' through the years. But, employing a 'Cassie Newman' double to try and drive 'Sharon Newman' over the edge? This act likely rivals every scheme that the 'Dark Knight' ever assembled.

Eric Braeden has masterfully played the Genoa City version of Machiavelli since January 1980. Since that time this daytime drama king has lived by his own code of ethics in order to maintain control over his empire, which includes a full blend of family and business ties.

Camryn Grimes famously grew into the role of 'Cassie' before a change in story line direction caused her character to die in 2005. 'Sharon' and 'Nick Newman' have each seen their departed daughter since her death. But, Grimes' subsequent scenes were filmed as fond projections of who 'Cassie' might have become, rather than as supernatural reincarnations.

'Sharon' began seeing and speaking with 'Cassie' last year. But, mental health issues were cited as the reasons behind those apparitions. It appears as though 'Noah Newman's' recent relay of that sensitive information to his grandfather at the GCAC may have sparked 'Victor's' latest dastardly scheme.

With past projections of her daughter having disappeared, a mysterious occurrence took place when 'Sharon' somehow made physical contact with the apparent 'Cassie' in recent episodes. Now that 'Victor' called and then met with whoever Grimes is portraying at 'Katherine Chancellor' park today, potential 'Dark Shadows' fantastic phantasms have been put to rest.

This time 'Victor' didn't pay a plastic surgeon to remake the face of Patti Williams into Dr. Emily Peterson, which complicated Jack Abbott's life to no good end. Instead, 'The Mustache' is simply employing (in his scripted words) “a dead ringer” to play the role of his step-granddaughter with the clear intent of driving his hated ex-daughter-in-law 'Sharon' mad.

Loyal viewers know that when this incredible information is revealed a firestorm of emotion will explode through the screen of their still-favorite daytime steamer.

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