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'The Young and the Restless': Stitch lies as Nikki cries

'Nikki Newman' (Melody Thomas Scott) has been pushed to tears on many occasions through the years. 'Stitch' (Sean Carrigan), well, that soon-to-be Genoa City Hospital resident was just proven to be a liar. Both storylines reached an apex this week on 'The Young and the Restless', which is something that all light-hearted YR devotees surely enjoyed.

'Ian Ward' (Ray Wise) is heinous, as all rational minds would agree. To actually sue 'Nikki' for exaggerated reasons of mental anguish is absurd. Questions related to her 1980s diary created numerous emotional reactions inside the courtroom on Friday's cliffhanger. But, unbalanced lawyer's monied minds often invent strange scenarios that must be argued and so this case came to be.

Meanwhile, Carrigan's character was finally forced to reveal that he had been withholding information, which is a form of lying, from 'Vicky' (Amelia Heinle) all along. Surrounded by a pressured flash mob in the GC Athletic Club's dining room, the former 'Ben Rayburn' admitted that he confessed to killing his father, though he claimed that no crime actually took place. Clearly, more meat will be served from this tale moving forward.

The term 'light-hearted' was referenced in the opening scene of this digital story for a reason. Soap operas are intended to offer an escape from daily life. Viewers who don't become overly involved in the behind-the-scenes politics that affects every company in the real world, or on this show in particular, haven't allowed real-life drama to overly influence their lives.

Entertainment snobs is likely too harsh of a term to apply in this instance. But, it is fair to state that some people choose to view highly-subjective art forms in deeply serious ways. As for those personalities that veer in different directions, the pleasure within a simple fictional television show can still found every weekday afternoon, or at later times on their personal digital devices.

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