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'The Young and the Restless': Steve Burton to stay in Genoa City for awhile

Learning that 'Nikki Newman' was your mother was one thing. But, discovering that you're part of 'Ian Ward's' biological legacy is quite another. Yet that's what Steve Burton's character has experienced on 'The Young and the Restless' since his arrival.

Talking Burton out of a very temporary “retirement” from his 'General Hospital' gig was quite a coup for executive producer Jill Farren Phelps. While this specific backstage boss is routinely critiqued, or eviscerated depending upon one's point of view, her connections to star power can't be dismissed.

Burton's famous role as 'Jason Morgan' on ABC isn't likely to be eclipsed anytime soon. While 'Dylan McAvoy' is likeable, that character is a good guy. So, unless that former military man turns wrestling-style heel (bad) at some future point, the charisma of 'Morgan' will seemingly always trump 'McAvoy's' pure style.

Joshua Morrow is similar in many ways to Burton and to his CBS' daytime character. It might be preemptive to suggest that the powers-to-be at YR created contract leverage over Morrow through Burton's deal, as 'Nick Newman' could be hypothetically be supplanted in the storyline by 'Dylan' at any time.

Keep both generally comparable middle-aged men, whose characters are both 'Nikki's' sons, on the payroll forever? Well, that's just digital fodder for now.

Focusing on the here and now: Burton's arrival on the set has been welcomed by the cast and this show's fans. He's a versatile actor with an established base of support. Both he and 'Dylan' should hold everyone's interest for quite awhile.

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