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'The Young and the Restless': Steve Burton's contract in play?

Burton's on-screen character is currently in peril.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Now that his true father 'Paul Williams' (Doug Davidson) clearly appears to survived liver transplant surgery, 'Dylan McAvoy' is suddenly facing the grim reaper. This week, Steve Burton leads his character through a near-death experience that's certain to extend life on 'The Young and the Restless' for quite awhile. As many magazines would have once proclaimed, 'Dylan' Lives!

Many hardcore daytime fans recall when supermarket checkout lanes were perilous places. In addition to overpriced impulse-buy items calling from all angles, fresh copies of soap opera magazines were diabolically positioned at eye level. While those print pieces still sit on racks today, their significance during a bygone era was far more vital. Today, anyone with internet access knows that Burton's contract is secure and that his character is simply in the midst of a developing story arc.

In past decades, juicy headlines and accompanying photographs announced upcoming storylines, cliffhanger resolutions and cast changes. Those covert information sources were easily accessible for a modest price, or for free to anyone who quickly thumbed through the pages. Instant access to websites, combined with social media's rising power, offers modern daytime fans many interactive ways to connect with YR, Burton or most importantly, each other.

In now-ancient times, gossip teetotalers conditioned themselves to stare directly ahead while leaning on their shopping carts. Then, after transferring gathered goods to the conveyor belt, their eyes remained fixed on a bag of red apples, a lettuce head, half-priced pork chops, frozen bananas, Vitamin D milk and whatever else was now crossed off their handwritten shopping lists. After placing a final item onto the conveyor belt, an established gaze had to be established on the cash register in order to avoid eye contact with unwanted information. All measures were taken because they didn't want to know how each dramatic act was going to end.

Daytime dramas, formerly known as soap operas, have rightly addressed deep social issues through the years. But, generally this genre represents a light-hearted form of entertainment, which was also the point of this story.

Real life includes dramatic periods of time. But, smiling souls know fictional worlds offer an opportunity to escape. Wise individuals have and will always understand the importance of their chosen plays.

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