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'The Young and the Restless' spoilers: Adam news, big fights and renewed romance

Chelsea will get some news about Adam this week on 'Y&R'
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

What lies ahead for “The Young & the Restless” fans this week? Things are at a very explosive state between Victoria and Billy, while Nick and Sharon are finally reconnecting romantically. Teasers indicate there are developments ahead this week on the Adam front as well. Enstars shared some “The Young & the Restless” spoilers on March 7 that gives viewers and idea of where things are headed the week of March 10.

Victoria will admit to Billy that she kissed Stitch, and she says she has no regrets. As they leave the hospital, Billy sees Stitch and tells him to steer clear of his wife. Stitch tells him to focus on fixing things in his marriage.

Later Victoria tells Billy he needs to apologize to Stitch, but of course he refuses. They accuse one another of still wanting Stitch and Kelly, and Billy heads out of the room. His phone rings, and Victoria sees that it's Kelly calling him. She listens to the voicemail left where Kelly thanks Billy for meeting her at the park. When Billy comes downstairs, Vikki yells that he needs to leave.

Kelly will go to Jabot to talk to Jack, saying that she had only ever wanted to be friends with Billy. Jack notes that it's not all her fault things got out of control, and this seems to be the first step at what is teased to be an upcoming romance. We Love Soaps has shared quite a few additional “The Young & the Restless” spoilers for the week. Monday's show will show plenty more romance between Sharon and Nick, a direction fans seem to have mixed feelings about. Is it good that this pair is giving it another go, or is it time they move on for good?

As the week continues, Kevin will work on a way to save Chloe. Victor will uncover some key information about Phyllis, while Nikki and Paul will share a deep moment that is unknowingly seen by Christine. Thursday Sharon faces an “unexpected turn” while Hilary and Lily will deal with tension between them.

“The Young & the Restless” spoilers indicate that Chelsea and Victor will get some Adam news on Thursday's show. Though a replacement for Michael Muhney has yet to be announced, the show has been continuing to show snippets confirming Adam is alive. When will others in Genoa City find out about this? Friday's show brings “an unexpected visitor” to surprise Chelsea. Victoria will have a decision for Billy about her marriage, while Stitch and Kelly have yet another confrontation.

Tune in to “The Young & the Restless” weekdays on CBS to see the drama play out in Genoa City. There are big things ahead and fans won't want to miss a moment.

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