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'The Young and the Restless': Sharon's secret won't destroy 'Shick'

Morrow and Case recently saw their characters reunite through the power of well-crafted fiction.
Photo by Christopher Polk

'The Young and the Restless', like any daytime steamer, is sustained by a variety of deep dark secrets. But, 'Sharon's (Sharon Case) soon-to-be-revealed subconsciously submerged information about 'Summer's' (Hunter King) true paternity won't damage the recently reunited 'Shick', as the character herself painfully believes.

'Shick' is, of course, the cheeky combination of 'Sharon' and 'Nick's' (Joshua Morrow) first names. Long a staple of CBS' number 1 soap opera, this power couple was originally formed during YR's glory days in the mid-1990s.

Case and Morrow recently saw their characters reunite through the power of well-crafted fiction and a real directive for the writers to create a major storyline that hardcore audience members would likely embrace. With 'Mariah' (Camryn Grimes) revealed as 'Cassie's' non-ghost, there really is nothing preventing these two now-middle-aged Genoa City fixtures from remaining together indefinitely.

This week 'Sharon' was pushed to the mental edge of a Friday cliffhanger in her doctor's office through a self-requested hypnotic trance. While it does seem that she's on the verge of openly implicating herself in messy paternity test switcheroo in front of 'Nick', all is hardly lost.

Fans haven't forgotten that 'Nick' has often forgiven the mother of his children for her various transgressions during many past plot points. More recently, he rightly assigned blame for 'Sharon's' faults to her fragile mental state. So, isn't it possible that he'll decide to do the same when he eventually learns that 'Summer' was his biological daughter all along, as he felt from the beginning?

Sure, 'Sharon' will have plenty of explaining to do. But, she has a sharp line of defense already established: She openly said that she was repressing a terrible secret and wanted 'Nick' to know whatever story she was unintentionally concealing.

After all these two lost souls have endured and the pains that YR's writers have taken to develop this story arc, isn't it possible that 'Nick's' feelings for all involved will overcome any disillusionment he will endure? In one word, yes.

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