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'The Young and the Restless': Sharon's secret safe for now

'Shick' fans have waited forever for Sharon and Nick to rediscover each other.
Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images

Just when it looked like 'Sharon' (Sharon Case) was finally going to spill her secret to her therapist, it stayed repressed. The lady even agreed to endure consecutive sessions of hypnosis and still no success? So, at least for the moment, news of 'Summer's' (Hunter King) true paternity remains hidden within the mind of 'Nick's' (Joshua Morrow) reunited loved one. But, for how long?

'The Young and the Restless' has remained daytime's top soap opera across 25 years for a reason, the overall strength of its scripts. Rightfully claim whatever about the talented bounty of actors who have worked on this show. Then, take away good writing and Sir Laurence Olivier himself couldn't have sustained an audience outside of Genoa City's fictional walls.

At some point, all will have to be revealed. That might happen after 'Phyllis' has been recast. Now that Michelle Stafford is officially a member of 'General Hospital', it stands to reason that executive producer Jill Farren Phelps may moved ahead with 'Red' and hire another actor to fill that spirited role.

Even when 'Sharon's' truth comes out, it's not guaranteed that 'Nick' will dismiss her from his life. Viewers have seen tremendous growth in 'Nick's' willingness to assign blame for his once and likely soon-to-be future wife's many meanderings. Instead, 'Jack' seems set to be the loser (once again), as his perceived blood connection will have existed only in a lie. And my, won't 'Victor' (Eric Braeden) revel in that news when it's confirmed.

'Shick' fans have waited forever for 'Sharon' and 'Nick' to rediscover each other. The idea of betraying that dedicated devotion to the idea that love conquers all, even accepting the dark detour to 'Adam' (Michael Muhney) for quite awhile, doesn't make scripted sense right now. So, possibly the secret that 'Sharon' wanted to reveal, but couldn't, will be indefinitely tabled.

Meanwhile, there's plenty of juicy 'Mariah' (Camryn Grimes) mess to untangle. And, wouldn't it actually be more intriguing to slowly learn that 'Cassie' (yes, Grimes again) had some type of biological relative all along? Now, there's a hypothetical secret that should be higher on YR's pecking order.

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