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'The Young and the Restless': Sharon questions Mariah-Cassie bloodline

Grimes made a risky choice by returning to YR.
Photo by Michael Buckner

'Sharon' (Sharon Case) asked 'Mariah' (Camryn Grimes) a biological question this week. It's one that many hardcore fans of 'The Young and the Restless' have been considering for awhile. Does 'Mariah' have a blood connection to 'Cassie'?

Soap opera fans rank among (or, are) the most devoted supporters of any scripted fictional fare that the networks offer. It's completely understandable that deep personal connections are made with the characters and with the actors on these weekday shows. Serials are created in order to generate visual addition. Maintaining a fan base is, or should be, based upon a certain level of mutual respect for a realized audience.

It's acceptable for a limited population to have multiple biological connections in the world of daytime drama. Viewers will endorse far-fetched family connections as long as they are historically plausible, reasonably developed and lend themselves to future plot growth.

'Mariah' could be 'Cassie's' twin, who was somehow separated from her sibling at birth, unbeknownst to 'Sharon' for whatever reason. If that line of thought proves to be true, then the 'Faith' debacle, which was carried out by 'Adam' (Michael Muhney), would have actually been 'Sharon's' second baby-snatched scenario.

On a somewhat more believable level, 'Mariah' could be 'Cassie's' sister through 'Frank Barritt' (Phil Dozois). 'Cassie's' biological father could have been attracted to someone who resembled 'Sharon' and had at least one other child that 'Sharon' never knew about.

In either of the stated delineations, it's also possible that 'Mariah' genuinely didn't know that 'Cassie' existed and that she was her sister. Of course, there are other varied storylines which would make 'Mariah's' genuine connection to 'Cassie' possible.

Keeping established ties in mind, it would make sense if 'Mariah' is connected to 'Cassie'. That fact would establish the basis for some type of real relationship developing with 'Sharon'.

Grimes welcomed return to the cast has never been in question. But, her new character needs to be smartly integrated into Genoa City in a manner that respects the viewers and presents them with intriguing future teasers.

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