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'The Young and the Restless' recap: Jill returns with Colin in tow

Now that Billy Abbott has made it home on “The Young & the Restless,” fans want to know what will come next. During the Feb. 5 episode of “Y&R,” some key developments transpired, but plenty of mystery remains. What went down on Wednesday's show?

Jess Walton returns as Jill to 'The Young and the Restless'
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Jill is back on 'The Young and the Restless'
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Bill has been checked into the hospital, and it seems things will pick up again with him on Thursday's show. Jill returns, but she's got some unwelcome company with her: Colin. Everybody at the Chancellor mansion, Esther, Cane, Lily, Devon and Jack, are stunned to see Jill and Colin come in together and say they're married and in love. Of course it's not quite that simple.

As Jill and Colin talk to the group, viewers see flashbacks about all that led to this moment. Jill tries to say that things are good, but what ther others don't know is that she signed the pre-nup from Colin under duress. The group doesn't believe they're in love, but at this point there's not much anybody can do. Jill says her priority right now is Billy.

Later, the music box falls and plays and Jill tells Collin their marriage is worth about the same as the piece of junk music box. Of course Colin grins as he holds it, as he knows that box is much more valuable than Jill realizes. There are clearly more twists and turns to come before the mystery of the music box is fully revealed.

In other “Y&R” recap news, Nikki tells Nick that Ian is in town. He later finds Dylan and proposes a truce so the two of them can try to find Ian. Sharon and Summer spend time together, first talking about Adam's supposed death and later about Summer's modeling. Summer isn't sure she wants to continue, but she's worried she will disappoint people. Later Ian runs into Summer and fans unfortunately think they know where things are going with these two.

Courtney reveals her secret to Noah, that she's an undercover cop. She says she loves him, but he says he can't trust her. He says he fell for Summer's friend, and that's not who she really is. Jack goes to see Nikki and rants about Victor. Of course Nikki defends Victor, and she's asking Jack not to fight with him.

What's next up on “Y&R”? “The Young & the Restless” spoilers have indicated that on Thursday Jill and Billy will reunite. Billy worries about the fact Adam remains missing, while Jill tries to convince Colin he doesn't need her any longer. Of course he feels otherwise.

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