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'The Young and the Restless': Ratings' rise defies detractor's cries

All soap opera fan voices count. However, some emotionally invested viewers refuse to believe that a show they have convinced themselves to protest against is still doing well. In fact, pained howls of criticism on real and imagined fronts may have actually created backfire support that wasn't intended. Using a brand name, even with ire, draws attention to it.

'The Young and the Restless' is still daytime's number 1 scripted show. Current facts, not opinion-laced conjecture, prove that the CBS' steamer has increased its audience size in recent months.

YR isn't the show it once was, ratings' wise. None of the four surviving network daytime dramas ('The Bold and The Beautiful', 'General Hospital', 'Days of Our Lives' and YR) can claim former audience glory. But, that separate and often misguided point is persistently made by those who yearn for the supposed good old days.

Refined entertainment enthusiasts should conduct a video search of past beloved, or unloved, soap operas. Doing so will redefine current realities. Even strong soaps, as defined by consensus opinion, present some schlock. The same was true during radio days. History is undeniable.

The mere nature of year-round production schedules ensures that so-called “great drama” can't be generated regularly. And, that has always been true at every point in soap opera history.

Cast changes naturally generate passionate reactions. But, balanced minds eventually realize that more than one human being is allowed to accept a paid job portraying a fictional character on a television show. Job switches happen in most workplaces all the time.

Behind-the-scenes maneuvers that affect on-screen content, or are tagged as doing so, affect certain personality types within every TV audience. Seasoned minds know that life isn't fair.

It has been a tenuous time for YR within the last year, or so. But, this show still stands on top of a measured ratings' mountain. That defines success.

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