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'The Young and the Restless': Paul Williams' son Dylan to donate blood?

 Dylan McAvoy's full biological story to be told?
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Due to numerous on-screen changes, fans of the iconic steamer 'The Young and the Restless' can't be sure who will be cut from the cast next. That's why it was fair to initially wonder if Doug Davidson's job was under the gun (pun intended) when his character 'Paul Williams' was shot this week. However, 'Paul's' dire need for blood may confirm what some YR devotees have considered, 'Dylan McAvoy' (Steve Burton) is actually his son.

'Ian Ward', played slyly by longtime character actor Ray Wise, previously told 'Dylan' that he holds hidden information that is vital to his life. 'Ian' also revealed something shocking to his attorney, 'Leslie Michaelson' (Angell Conwell), which may, or may not, be part of this tale. While 'Ian' continues to play off the apparent fact that 'Dylan' is his son, would it be surprising to learn that the former cult leader simply exaggerated his biological claim?

Back in ancient soap opera days, otherwise known as the 1980s, 'Paul' and 'Nikki Reed' (Melody Thomas Scott) naively joined 'Ward's' New World Commune. It was during that confused period in their lives that 'Nikki' believed she was taken advantage of by 'Ian' and subsequently gave birth to a male child.

Revelations, gained through 'Paul's' pursuits, allowed 'Nikki' to know that 'Dylan' was her blood. She, in turn, decided to permanently link her repressed rendezvous with 'Ian' to the lineage of her first-born. No DNA test ever confirmed that conclusion, so obviously the door to conjecture remains wide open.

This line of story speculation is hardly smooth, as consideration for 'Paul's' apparent parentage should have been strongly considered along the way. But, Genoa City logic, like that used within every daytime drama, can be re-imagined whenever it's convenient.

The plot prospects for a 'Paul-Dylan' connection are profuse. That reality could also curtail 'Ian's' path (again, pun intended) for ongoing psychological abuse. And so, the episodes extend.

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