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'The Young and the Restless': One character may have found Adam Newman

After 'Adam' left the scene he either happened upon, or was found by, someone.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

A growing number of Genoa City residents believe that 'Adam Newman' isn't dead. Of course, viewers of 'The Young and the Restless' have been led to the same conclusion by the writers of this CBS' steamer.

But, a lingering side story could be in play as well. Is it possible that one character has already found 'Victor Junior'?

Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) met with 'Chick' again this week. While that poor homeless soul might not seem like a reliable source, he's likely to be exactly that. However, even if that is the case, such information would only prove that 'Adam' managed to escape the fabled black burning SUV alive.

It follows that after 'Adam' left the scene he either happened upon, or was found by, someone. The person in the closest proximity would have been 'Billy Abbott' (David Tom), since he escaped just prior to the explosion as well.

Considering 'Victor's' (Eric Braeden) currently bogus 'Cassie' scheme, it would be hard to completely rule out the idea that 'Adam' is being taken care of by his father. However, his stunned response to 'Chelsea's' initial claims about her husband's survival seem to mute that speculation.

If 'Billy', 'Victor', or some other mystery man (woman) actually rescued 'Adam', oversaw his medical treatment and is paying for his current recovery, that Machiavellian force will soon be seen on the daytime screen again. If 'Billy' is behind it all, then surely he's holding his nemesis prisoner.

Increasing evidence is establishing the fact that 'Adam' is alive and that he was severely burned. Not coincidentally, that plot point serves to confirm that a complete reconstruction is in play. Therefore, whoever has, or will, replace Michael Muhney in this key role will logically present a new face for all loyal viewers.

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