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'The Young and the Restless': Nielsen Ratings' yo-yo reflects perception

YR was, is and remains televised fictional fare.
YR was, is and remains televised fictional fare.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Soap opera fans are just like friends. Some are loyal, some are fickle and others fall somewhere in between. Executive producers, writing staffs, actors and all employees in between represent a sizable section of every show's picture. But, viewer reactions to the preceding must also be counted. And sometimes, fierce opinion blinds people to that sharpened point.

According to some, 'The Young and the Restless' has created a Nielsen Ratings' yo-yo as a result of its convoluted storylines, unexpected and supposedly wrongful removal of an electric star, the loss of other cast members and an overall general disregard for its audience since executive producer Jill Farren Phelps was installed as this steamer's top boss. According to others, YR was, is and remains televised fictional fare that's set in Genoa City, Wisconsin. In other words, it's a soap opera.

Digital evidence proves that all soap operas face ratings questions. Of course, on-screen projections are mostly responsible for whatever level of reception, or rejection, is recorded.

Is it fair to ask if the loud voices surrounding every daytime drama are purely opinionated entertainment snobs? Possibly, that assessment is overly harsh and instead those seasoned viewers are actually opinion leaders who live in popular culture.

Obviously, passionate fans within every perceived click cheer for their favorites and are understandably angered when a well-liked actor is shown to the backstage door. But, Michael Muhney's erasure isn't the only reason why this show's ratings have bounced above and below the five million viewer line during the past few years.

Approximately 4.45 million people were watching YR in late-September, 2012. That was one week prior to when Phelps' first show was seen.

As of the most recently released Nielsen Ratings (April 11, 2014), TV's still-number 1 daytime drama was observed by 4.54 million sets of eyeballs. However anyone perceives Phelps' performance to-date is likely representative of one's view of the real world.

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