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'The Young and the Restless': Nick Newman finally spots Cassie's imposter

Grimes' character needs to tell her tale.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Poor 'Sharon Newman' (Sharon Case) was pushed beyond her limits by the still-unnamed character that Camryn Grimes has been skillfully portraying since last year. Hardcore viewers were surely relieved that 'Nick Newman' (Joshua Morrow) finally spotted the paid 'Cassie' imposter on 'The Young and the Restless' this week.

Loyalists can speculate as to how long, or if, the sarcastically self-proclaimed 'Jane Doe' will withhold her connection to the ever-clever 'Victor Newman' (Eric Braeden). The false moniker Grimes' character offered to 'Stitch' (Sean Carrigan) during a forced hospital visit was actually given for her own protection. Any information this anti-'Cassie' reveals about her true identity could easily be linked to whatever trouble she created prior to her Genoa City arrival.

'Cassie's' doppelganger would also surely incur the wrath of 'The Mustache' if she ever decides to advise 'Nick' about her link to his father. So, it should be very interesting to see how 'Jane' explains herself to 'Sharon's' renewed beau in future scenes.

Of course, the highly-unusual nature of 'Jane's' physical appearance could be explained through a plausible storyline (by soap standards) that somehow reveals this person as 'Cassie's' long-lost twin. Would it be too hard to image that 'Sharon' unknowingly gave birth to twins, with one of the newbies having been scurried away, a la, 'Adam's' 'Faith' switch? Maybe, this person could simply be 'Cassie's blood-cousin as well.

Perhaps 'Cassie's' biological father 'Frank Barritt' (Phil Dozois), who was murdered long ago by 'Sharon's' deranged former fling 'Cameron Kirsten' (Linden Ashby), sired another female child? Though, that stretch would seem to push daytime's dramatic beliefs a bit too far.

If any of the above scenarios prove true, it could be that Grimes' character isn't aware that she's related to 'Cassie' and therefore 'Sharon' as well. Until these plot points are connected, considered conjecture will continue to fill the holes in this show.

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