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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney's successor might be cheered

Might Michael Muhney's replacement might be cheered, instead of jeered?
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Could the powers-to-be at 'The Young and the Restless' be on the verge of scoring a Nielsen Ratings' victory, despite what passionate detractors have predicted? Might Michael Muhney's replacement might be cheered, instead of jeered? Any instant answers to the two preceding questions are mostly reflective of personality points, rather than factual matters.

Anyone who makes a declarative statement about the future of this extended situation is likely tapping into some logical stream. But, those individuals who feel deeply passionate about this 'cause' are mostly expressing personal opinions based upon an emotional connection with an actor who they believed was wronged. Current, or former, viewers surely have the right to react in that understandable manner. However, that doesn't mean that their projections about this iconic CBS' steamer are apt.

Executive producer Jill Farren Phelps is known to have handled the unexpected December termination of Muhney for as yet mostly unstated reasons. That means 'YR' decided that it had legal standing to remove an actor whose contract hadn't ended, which was no small point. No one should reach a firm conclusion about anyone involved in this matter because all the facts aren't known yet. Maybe, they never will be.

Phelps, who has a mixed reputation among certain fan bases within the industry, faced a challenging situation that had to be publicly handled. Considering how riveting Muhney's on-screen performance had become through his four years inside Genoa City, that's hardly a forced choice she wanted to make.

Ensemble casts exist for many reasons. One of them involves flexibility. No enduring daytime drama lives off one character. Yes, one electric star can grow groupies. But, most loyal viewers like more than one man, or woman, on any show.

The unseen leaders behind every soap opera know that employee turnover is their constant companion and that actors sometimes opt to, or have to, go. Therefore, if Phelps can find the right person to wear 'Adam Newman's' new face, than all won't be forgiven among Muhney's hardcore fans. But, that's surely not her goal.

Phelps wants to meet YR's broad base of fan expectations and attract new viewers to their HD, or streamed, screens. With consideration for the sentiment about this specific boss and her many past decisions, viewers should watch to see how she fills this cast hole on daytime's still-number 1 show.

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