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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney's replacement tortuously teased

Adam Newman's revised face has yet to be seen.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Viewers of 'The Young and the Restless' were clearly led to believe that the newest incarnation of 'Adam Newman' was about to be seen, as 'Chelsea Newman' (Melissa Claire Egan) was set to return to the penthouse before YR's hour was up. Whoever was wearing Michael Muhney's old clothes was going to be revealed. But, that's not how the scene played out on Friday's cliffhanger show.

Ted Shackelford, 'Jeffrey Bardwell' may have been filming some 'Dallas' cameos ('Gary Ewing') at the Southfork Ranch, because his Genoa City character hasn't been seen in ages. Today, 'Chelsea's' often-absentee father was back in town. Yes, he was the man who apparently picked up 'Victor Junior's' dry cleaned suit and surprised his often-estranged daughter in this episode.

To say that the writing staff teased the audience by intentionally showing the lower-half of Shackelford's body midway through this set of scenes is a deep understatement. However, light-hearted soap opera fans who don't take these fictional events too seriously were likely shouting “Bravo!” amid the live broadcast, or during a time-shifted DVR review.

Viewers know that 'Adam' climbed out of the fabled black SUV before it exploded, that the almost certainly falsely-accused man somehow made his way to an apparent recovery chamber and is still breathing. Because reports about various SAG-AFTRA member auditions appear to be real, Muhney's replacement has, or will soon have, a contract with this CBS' steamer.

YR just crossed the five million viewer mark again last week. So, despite hearty protests regarding behind-the-scenes barley and current storylines, this iconic show simply keeps on spinning.

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