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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney's replacement to be questioned

Will a set of skilled soap writers be able to rescue this character?
Will a set of skilled soap writers be able to rescue this character?
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Yes, his hand was seen before. This time, instead of being frostbitten blue, 'Adam Newman's' left hook was spotted on a bed somewhere in daytime land. But, was that Michael Muhney's replacement lying in some remote hospital-like bed, or simply some scale-paid hand model showing off his wedding-ringed fin?

Nearly three months ago 'The Young and the Restless' created a violent soap opera storm when the beloved Muhney was let go from the show for unexplained reasons. Rumors have swirled within every digital dimension ever since, with pure speculation the only currency most observers could pass among the masses.

It was previously confirmed that Muhney wouldn't be returning to play 'Victor Junior'. So, fans were initially left wondering if a stream of re-cast rain was real, or if continuous scuttlebutt would dot their old-fashioned ink blotter forever. Many younger readers will need to copy and paste the end of that last reference in order to understand the mixed message that this show has sent.

Whoever agrees to wear Muhney's old clothes won't look, or act, exactly like him. However, that hardly bold proclamation slices the guesswork of who 'Chelsea Newman's' (Melissa Claire Egan's) transformed husband will be in half. The new 'Adam' will certainly be a male actor who isn't Muhney.

While the gnashing of teeth about this situation seems to be lessening, there's no doubt that a somewhat measurable portion of emotionally attached loyalists have turned away from the early-afternoon (EST) CBS' screen. No matter who appears someday, somehow, somewhere, some devoted fans already have decided that they won't be satisfied with that future resolution.

So, the cliffhanger question is: Will a set of skilled soap writers be able to rescue a character who became one of the most compelling fictional figures in many Genoa City seasons for those who support this show more than any one person?

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