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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney's character isn't dead

'Paul Williams' and 'Nick Newman' rush down to the overturned black SUV. They see that someone is inside. Then, after deciding that the jaws of life are needed to remove the unknown occupant, a live wire sparks a flame and the apparent' 'Delia' death machine is blown to smithereens.

Now, that was another classic “Friday show” on daytime's reigning ratings champ “The Young and the Restless”!

Veteran soap opera enthusiasts surely foresaw that some type of accident was going to befall the characters formerly inhabited by Michael Muhney and Billy Miller. It was inevitable because of the highly-publicized exits of both stars and the predetermined date (January 30) of Muhney's particularly pained departure.

The amazing Michael Zaslow initially inhabited 'Roger Thorpe' on another beloved CBS' steamer, 'Guiding Light' in the 1970s. His iconic monster will always rank among the greatest of all rapscallions who have ever darkened daytime's screen.

Zaslow's original requested exit from 'GL' eventually caused 'Ed Bauer' to lose his grip and subsequently, 'Roger' fell from the cliffs to his perceived death. Of course, his electrifying return to Springfield many years later totally reversed what appeared to be a seared score.

While Zaslow chose to leave his employer, Muhney's exit was a forced and as yet unexplained departure. Those who witnessed the entirety of Zaslow's multiple soap runs spotted 'Roger' in 'Adam' shortly after Muhney assumed the 'Victor, Junior” role in 2009.

This is a fictional world that is being referenced. As such, anyone can appear to be gone and then suddenly, or years later, rise again. It's a corporate decision.

But, one troubling question still lingers: Will scripted network daytime drama survive long enough for there to be some type of rapprochement between the decision-makers and Muhney?

Stay tuned. But, be prepared for an open-ended waiting period that is filled with vague answers and no clear resolution.

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