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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney responds honestly to fans

Muhney, by all accounts, appears to be an honest person.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Michael Muhney lost his job on 'The Young and the Restless' approximately six months ago. Within a day of his announced departure, he stated kind words on behalf of YR's executive producer Jill Farren Phelps, CBS and Sony Pictures. But, some people still believe that a sinister backstory must exist. What if that's not the case at all?

Despite reaction from some cast members after news of Muhney's exit shook the soap world and cryptic meanings that have been projected onto the actions of various behind-the-scenes bosses since last winter, there is no hard evidence that Muhney was let go for any pressured reason. There is also no solid proof that he was dismissed for reasons that violated his employee rights.

Muhney celebrated his thirty-ninth birthday on June 12. The ever fan-friendly star once again used his social media savvy to directly let supporters know that he was humbled by their feelings and felt it represented a gift. He also said that he hoped he could give something back to them this year.

Let the following opinion, which doesn't represent fact, read crystal clear: The author of this digital space compared Muhney to legendary actor Michael Zaslow last fall in mid-October. He also believes that Muhney and all those who are connected to YR can't be fairly critiqued regarding this still-unexplained situation. The public doesn't have enough information to form a full conclusion about what actually took place.

Muhney was unexpectedly removed from the cast for reasons that could range from management overreaction, to issues that were directly connected to what this terrific actor revealed in his December 18, 2013 interview about his fate, or both. Muhney noted that within an hour of learning his aunt had been diagnosed with breast cancer, he was also told that he was being let go from the show. He then went on to speculate about the reasons for his removal.

YR's best entertainer said at the time that he was told CBS and Sony wanted to give the 'Adam' character a break for 3-6 months and that they planned to bring him back with a different actor. He also felt he may have been let go for reasons that could have been connected to his outspoken nature. Muhney didn't have to reveal that specific personal point, which appeared to represent an honest self-assessment, but doing so meant that it couldn't be ignored as a significant factor in his termination.

Why would anyone choose to doubt someone (Muhney) who, by all accounts, is simply a passionate person? Is it possible that Muhney never did anything wrong to a cast member, as unfounded speculation claimed, and that YR chose to cast their rising star aside for other reasons?

Common knowledge of life within any modern corporate workplace enables an understanding of what can happen to an employee, often times for questionable reasons, when they're seen as rocking the yacht a bit too far on repeated occasions. Those individuals become targets for termination, or create targets on their backs, based upon pure perception.

Fans who understandably felt that a highly-engaging actor was wronged have continued to seek some form of closure. But, since Muhney has never blamed any YR decision-maker for what transpired and there's no evidence that he responded legally to any perceived wrongful termination, a short-list of legitimate conclusions remain.

Genuine well wishes for Muhney's life, family and career seem to have overridden fans' desires for him to return to his 'Adam' role as time has passed. As to whether YR will proceed with stated plans to fill Muhney's slot with another actor appear to remain open-ended.

Human beings strive to balance logic with emotion every day of their lives. With that natural point known, one has to wonder if Muhney's apparently consistent (and sustained) honesty actually provided a basic answer to this real-life cliffhanger all along?

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