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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney rehire speculation grows

Why would fans stop speculating about a matter that wasn't fully explained from the start?
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Only the real powers-that-be, who control the fictional fodder inside Genoa City, actually know why Michael Muhney was let go from his contract in December, 2013. The individuals who run 'The Young and the Restless' are also the only ones (along with Muhney himself) who control whether he will actually reprise the now iconic role of 'Adam Newman' in the near future.

Speculation about Muhney recently being seen on the YR set wasn't confirmed by any specific individual. However, it also wasn't denied, which only serves to increase speculation that hope and rumor have forced ratings' logic to be fully considered and some form of rapprochement to have occurred. Why would fans stop speculating about a matter that wasn't fully explained from the start, remains open-ended (both on- and off-screen), and continues to evolve?

While every ounce of storyline was and will always be fair game, Muhney's termination was hardly a parlor game among those who were affected. Public opinion about the highly-unusual nature of a major (and rising) daytime star's career is serious business because a person's life and career are involved. The instant and maintained majority view is that a beloved actor was axed for indefensible reasons. And hell hath no fury like hardcore soap fans who sensed that someone was wronged on their show.

Loyalists of this televised genre know that only a short list of actors are capable of ever eliciting genuine passion from a mass audience, especially in today's fragmented age. This author has and will continue to compare Muhney's current skills to those of Michael Zaslow. That mirrored-measure is exactly apt. No two actors are equally comparable, but Muhney's unpredictable brilliance echoed Zaslow's indelible dramatic daytime charms.

Considering the understandable emotions that were laid bare after Muhney's inexplicable punt from the show, no one can honestly be surprised that a massive vortex subsequently formed over CBS' steamer since late-January's fated ride? All won't be forgiven if that move is eventually amended. However, YR's long-term fate can't be gauged if any other actor agrees to put on 'Adam's' old clothes.

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