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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney recast won't be bewitching

The return of a blue, bloodied hand to Friday's daytime screen meant that all options remain on the 'The Young and the Restless' recast table. Michael Muhney's old 'Adam Newman' roll could be offered to another actor in the near future.

Soap operas are notorious for changing faces on familiar daytime friends. But, a corporate belief in replacing human 'inventory' has been in fashion across the dial throughout the ages. Long before 'Bewitched' switched Darrin's, melodramatic writers began offering their scripts to replacement actors for a variety of reasons.

Television fans were perplexed (rather than angry) when Dick Sargent suddenly appeared aside of Elizabeth Montgomery 'Samantha Stephens' in 1969. Dick York (the first 'Darrin) was forced to leave that show due to severe health problems. So, Sargent was asked to become the mortal foil.

But, this is 2014 and the potential for a bounty of bewitching backlash regarding any potential Muhney replacement can't be taken lightly.

Genoa City devotees didn't raise a stink about Billy Miller taking the plunge inside 'Victor Junior's' fated black SUV and then seeing David Tom crawl out of it. That's because sharp viewers knew Miller departed under generally amicable terms and that Tom was returning to a role he once inhabited. Both actors are also liked by the collective audience.

'Adam' was often hated. But, Muhney was and is adored by the masses. His pre-Christmas exit, (stage left) was stunning, cryptically explained and remains open-ended.

Venom will surely be spewed across the digital dimension if the top brass at 'YR' decides to recast this key role at any point in the near future. The response to any 'Adam' replacement won't be comparable to the 'Darrin switch' by any stretch of the imagination.

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