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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney press conference held

Fans served as reporters in this ongoing story.
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Michael Muhney's name was in the news again today. Social media news to be exact. But, this time the source of information is a confirmed family member, which makes it all the more intriguing.

A main reason why information surrounding this specific actor, show ('The Young and the Restless'), television network (CBS) and genre (soap operas/daytime dramas) matters has become undeniably apparent. Actively engaged fans are transforming Hollywoodland in previously unimaginable ways. Today, soap opera supporters continued to play their part in this ongoing story.

Experience allows everyone to know that some social media accounts need to be confirmed before they are to be believed. Muhney's mother has a Twitter account, as does her son.

In 'Michael's mom's' case, she is one of only 26 people that Muhney follows on his Twitter feed. She was the first person Muhney followed when he established his account, has personal photos posted that would be nearly impossible to invent and has directly interacted with the actor being referenced. In other words, this truly appears to be his real mother's feed.

Details within the last paragraph matter because Muhney's mother responded directly to questions today (June 18) that her followers had forwarded to her about her son. Through a de facto press conference format, where the public served as reporters, she reaffirmed that Muhney had previously answered all questions (December 18, 2013 interview) about why he believed he was let go from YR and that he hasn't been prevented from speaking about the matter by anyone since that time. She also added that all disparaging rumors about his departure were untrue.

Muhney's mother directly addressed the sustained real-life cliffhanger, which has fans wondering if Muhney will return as 'Adam Newman', or gain acting employment elsewhere. She said, “Michael is waiting for the right contract with the right offer. When he sees one he likes, he'll take it.”

Muhney wasn't directly involved in this public question-and-answer session. His critics will certainly feast upon that point. But, it's reasonable to speculate that he endorsed the matter as a form of fan outreach.

There may be a few people in Greenland who were unaware that Muhney was deposed from his famous role on YR last year. Holiday shock waves were felt through late-January when his character was last fully seen on-screen.

There's an inside joke within that last section that the author of this digital feature wrote with his own two hands. But, what has never been funny is that many reputations have been savaged by all that transpired to-date. Muhney's mom's willing social media interaction and the efforts of all honest fans serve to counter a culture that glorifies negativity, or will intentionally invent it where none exists.

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