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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney may play Adam Newman again

They left the scene of the “crime” and took a pressured trip. Then, after a pointed conversation, the gun went off, they looked at each other and the fabled black SUV swerved off the road. As a crash was heard, snow flakes fell through the darkened sky. Fade to black.

That reads like a classic soap opera cliffhanger, because it is.

And now everyone knows. Well, at least they know where this plot line left off. So, when will 'Adam Newman' return to Genoa City and is it actually possible that Michael Muhney might man this role again?

The torrent of real-life stories that besieged ratings-champ “The Young and the Restless”, regarding Muhney's mystifying December termination and the scores of digital protests that his legions of fans have since sparked, should begin to abate now that this marked man is gone.

It's bizarrely ironic that Muhney and his character ended their runs on this top-rated show in similar fashions. Life imitating art imitating life in a record-scratched loop.

The ongoing shock of this situation, that has been completely intertwined with unanswered questions, has affected viewers in various ways. But, daytime fans aren't people who stoically stare at the screen.

These loyalists are emotionally involved with the fictional characters and the real-life human beings who portray them. This dynamic factor still defines the daytime audience, which makes it so valuable.

CBS may, or may not, have been fully justified in its removal of its potentially shot star. With whatever the facts actually are, a sustained ratings' backlash stands as the only lasting lesson a segment of viewers feel that they can “teach” to the behind-the-scenes brass.

'Adam' has been written off this afternoon show for now. Muhney could easily be seen on a rival show in the near future, during the nighttime hours or on the big screen. His talent has never been questioned and should create new employment opportunities.

If the information Muhney was given by his former employer proves to be true, his role will be re-cast later this year. However, this is a soap opera in 'Hollywoodland' that has been referenced. So, who can truly rule out this vexing villain's eventual return to the scene at some point in the future?

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