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'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney could channel Roger Thorpe again

Soap opera veterans, both on-screen, or in the living room scene, have never forgotten the great Michael Zaslow. That terrific actor beautifully revealed the ugly soul of 'Roger Thorpe' on CBS' 'Guiding Light' in classic 1970s' fashion. Then, one fateful 1980 afternoon, Zaslow's character appeared to be killed off.

There was no question that 'Thorpe' fell from the grip of 'Ed Bauer's' hand to his death. Maureen Garrett's famous scream can still resonates in the memories of all who felt for 'Holly' during that famous figurative and literal cliffhanger moment.

'Nick Newman' (Joshua Morrow) and 'Paul Williams' aren't 'Ed' and there is no current 'Holly' on 'The Young and the Restless'. 'Adam' (Michael Muhney) is his brother, but 'Nick' didn't feel feel the urge to shriek when he arrived at the horrid 2014 accident scene.

In 1989, 'Guiding Light' writers were asked to resurrect 'Roger Thorpe', because a real-life deal was made with Zaslow to re-inhabit his original role. That wedding day return created quite the ratings stir.

Muhney's current departure wasn't voluntary. So, it seems unlikely that he'll be asked to revive
'Adam' any time soon. However, in show business one should never say never.

A re-cast of this compelling character could easily happen. But, would it be wise to let anyone other than Muhney wear 'Victor Junior's' clothes in the near future?

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