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'The Young and the Restless': Lighthearted fans understand this story

Soap opera loyalists suspend belief in order to accept highly-unlikely situations.
Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Doug Davidson is the longest tenured cast member on 'The Young and the Restless'. His place on CBS' iconic daytime steamer has rarely been in doubt. However, some fans might be wondering if his time on YR is coming to a close?

Of course, a few hardcore devotees believe that they can predict every episode, or the exact future of any story arc. But, can any of those individuals honestly claim that they've never been wrong, shocked or even slightly off-base with any of their projections?

'Paul Williams' assumed a higher position than his detective father 'Carl Williams' when he became Genoa City's Chief of Police. Old school fans recall that 'Carl' went missing years ago. While his wife 'Mary Williams' and her family lamented his loss, her husband was actually still alive.

'Jim Bradley' was the identity an amnesia-affected 'Carl' assumed after he disappeared through a mysterious set of circumstances. Despite 'Christine's' efforts to reunite 'Carl' with his real family many years later, he was never able to recall who he once was. That somewhat realistic open-ending to a revived storyline served viewers well because it wasn't expected.

A flash to current events finds 'Paul' near death, but still fighting. Then, YR's writers threw a knockdown pitch into the script. “'Dylan' is your child 'Paul'”, 'Nikki' tearfully said while she sat aside of his bed and their stunned son stood in the doorway.

Soap opera loyalists suspend belief in order to accept highly-unlikely situations. The same circumstances are true for fans of alternative forms of fictionalized fare, whether they admit it, or not.

It's always okay to critique anything one chooses to support. Yet, lighthearted followers of any serialized story also understand how to enjoy what's offered to them without overreacting in every direction to obviously-intended entertainment.

Yes, some storylines are better than others, just as some actors, ensembles, staffers and shows are superior to the competition. But, individuals who don't take themselves, their opinions, the opinions of others or life in general too seriously, still love what soap operas have always been about, harmlessly enjoyable escapism.

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