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'The Young and the Restless': Ian Ward's baby cover to be blown

Ray Wise has long been a terrific character actor.
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Ian Ward is a masterful liar. One of the many stories he's told inside Genoa City's walls since his arrival in that fictional mid-Western town initially involved his apparently being 'Dylan McAvoy's' (Steve Burton) biological father. Beyond recently revealing scene clues, dialogue with 'Leslie Michaelson' (Angell Conwell) inside Crimson Lights nearly confirms that isn't the case.

Urgent medical events appear set to bust this uber-slimy scoundrel's cover on 'The Young and the Restless' very soon. Burton's actual on-screen father strongly appears to be the currently unconscious 'Paul Williams' (Doug Davidson). Davidson's pursuit of crazed gunman 'Austin Travers' (Matthew Atkinson) clearly seems to have been the dramatic vehicle that links one storyline to this approaching emotional earthquake.

Ray Wise has long been a terrific character actor. That last statement merely represents an opinion, but it's one that is shared by many within the entertainment industry, as evidenced by the mountain of projects his enduring career continues to climb.

Wise's daytime job on CBS places him in the role of a maniacal pest. Considering that character's unexplained connection with 'Mariah Copeland' (Camryn Grimes), fans needn't wonder what other unscrupulously juicy adventures he'll micro-manipulate next.

YR has been working through a series of cast changes within the last year. Despite the loss of some key players and other recast roles, this 1973 daytime baby has managed to retain it's status as the top broadcast soap opera.

Serial dramas survive by presenting storylines that reach diverse audience segments. Wise's addition enabled one of YR's most beloved stars, Melody Thomas Scott, to resurrect moments from her character's personal history. Doing so allows longtime viewers to connect old plot dots, in this instance the 'Nikki'-'Dylan' origin, and newer viewers to be educated about major player's past histories.

Yes, soap operas take full liberties with their invented dilemmas. But, lighthearted fans, who don't take themselves or this genre too seriously, understand the entertainment intent and continue to await each new episode.

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