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'The Young and the Restless': Hunter King assessing Ray Wise's character

Long before the digital age arrived, 'Leland Palmer' (Ray Wise) molested, raped and eventually murdered his own daughter, the infamous 'Laura Palmer', on ABC's classic show 'Twin Peaks'. That monster also killed his dead daughter's look-a-like cousin, 'Madeleine Furguson'. (Sheryl Lee hauntingly filled both roles.)

Flash forward to modern times and we see that Wise, who played the darkest possible character on The CW show, 'The Reaper', has chosen to embody 'Ian Ward'. Of course, this new 'Young and the Restless' part will easily enable him to channel both old-school scoundrels.

As supposed real-life plot lines involving Hunter King and Michael Muhney shift back to the daytime screen, 'Summer Newman-Abbott' ('Newman' is actually her only true moniker) has discovered a new mentor. With illegitimate paternity test results still clouding her mind, 'Nikki Newman's' granddaughter finds herself unwittingly drifting toward 'Ward's' post-modern cult ploy.

Following acceptable soap opera logic, both characters initially crossed paths in 'Katherine Chancellor' park. Of course, 'Nikki' will never believe that 'Ian' (alias John Darwin) didn't know who 'Summer' was when he targeted her. And who knows what will happen when 'Dylan' learns that his half-niece is being pursued by his unwanted biological father.

The short- and long-term potential for intense family fireworks on CBS' still-number 1 show is clear. Whether 'Summer' will allow herself to be charmed by 'Ian', before the rest of her clan is apprised of this developing storm, is one key to this unsettling winter story.

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