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'The Young and the Restless': Hostage crisis will change lives

Clearly Colin's attempt to play the hero didn't follow the intended script.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As the faux-'Cassie Newman' was meeting with her patron 'Victor Newman', many notable 'Young and the Restless' characters were being held hostage by 'Womack' inside the GCAC ballroom. Clearly this tense scene will result in a number of these Genoa City character's lives changing forever.

Let's start with the new 'Darrin', which is an intentional tongue-in-cheek reference to the management team behind ABC's 'Bewitched' famously switching out 'Samantha Stephen's' husband during that classic series' run in 1969.

David Tom, who recently reclaimed the role of 'Billy Abbott' due to Billy Miller's departure, recently crawled away from the fabled black SUV and somehow made it back to his home where he fell into 'Victoria's' awaiting arms. Still reeling from having supposedly shot 'Adam Newman', 'Billy' now happened to be under a falling chandelier that 'Womack' fired a warning shot at in order to scare his constrained crowd.

Dazed and clearly confused, 'Billy' admitted his one-time affair with 'Kelly Andrews' to his wife as both women knelled by his side on the ballroom floor. That unexpected revelation will surely change the three lives of all involved, even if this trio survives 'Womack's' pressured party.

'Colin Atkinson', the scoundrel who's brilliantly being played again by Tristan Rogers, had cooked up a dastardly scheme with 'Womack' that involved stealing the Snow Queen doll. 'Lily Ashby's' attempt to stop the ex-con from making off with the goods caused his diamond opportunity to go very wrong.

Clearly 'Colin's' attempt to play the hero didn't follow the intended script. However, 'Jill's' unwanted mate is clever enough to work that room for all it's worth before this daytime crisis ends and Womack is either eliminated, or heads back to his CBS cell.

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