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'The Young and the Restless:' Did Sharon really switch the paternity test?

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"The Young and the Restless" storyline that had Sharon claiming she changed the paternity test results so Nick would believe Summer was Jack's daughters has several fans tearing their hair out these days. Sharon wanted a shot at getting her old life back with Nick despite the fact that he is with Avery. She had herself convinced if Nick wasn't Summer's father, he would need her help to get through the trauma. In her mind, she wanted to be there for Nick when he had to face losing Summer the way she wasn't there for him when he lost Cassie.

Theories abound based upon the fact that we know Sharon is suffering from bipolar disorder, a very real and rather complex mental health disease. Sharon has been communicating on a regular basis with Cassie's ghost and it was her confession to the ghost that triggered a fierce reaction from Phyllis. That reaction, which led to the altercation between Sharon and Phyllis that caused Phyllis to tumble down a flight of stairs rendering the always vocal redhead unable to say what's on her mind.

Teddi Gigi at Soapcentral has a theory and did some research on bipolar disorder to back that theory up. Here is some of what Gigi had to say about Sharon's situation:

"I did some research on bipolar disorder, and indeed, one of the symptoms is psychosis, where the person can experience very distorted beliefs about the world or "a loss of contact with reality." Yep, that sounds like Sharon all right. Sharon's constant insistence that she must make things right, so that things can be the way that they were meant to be, is a definite indication that she has totally lost touch with reality. She completely ignores the fact that Nick and Avery are together and that Avery is standing by her man. Sharon is truly living in her own little world."

"Psychosis can also be accompanied by hallucinations or delusions, which would make Cassie's visit possible. And, of course, Cassie's replies to Sharon were just what Sharon wanted to hear. Since Sharon believes that she is actually speaking to Cassie, it was just a matter of time before someone overheard her remarks (in typical soap fashion). So, it was no surprise when Phyllis heard Sharon tell Cassie at Cassie's grave that Nick could never find out that she, Sharon, had changed the paternity test results, or he would be mad at her forever. (Ya think?)"

Whatever is really going on with Sharon, she remains determined this week not to let Phyllis spill the beans about her involvement in the paternity test switch. Take a look at this CBS weekly preview for a glimpse of what will be going through Sharon's mind this week. Can she prevent Phyllis from revealing the truth? For that matter, is it the truth or is it simply Sharon off her medication believing she switched the test?

On today's episode according to this CBS video preview for today's episode shows the internal struggle Phyllis is experiencing. She attempts to communicate with Jack today, but gets nowhere because she is unable to speak. Viewers can hear her internal thoughts as she desperately tries to tell Jack what she knows. Jack leaves to get some water and Phyllis sees Sharon looking into her room.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Young and the Restless." What lengths will Sharon go to to prevent Phyllis from ratting her out? Share your thoughts on this complicated and painful storyline in the comments section below.