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'The Young and the Restless': Detractors may deny latest soap opera ratings

Clearly, all TV dinners won't look the same when the buffet line is bare.
Clearly, all TV dinners won't look the same when the buffet line is bare.
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

The facts confirm that 'The Young and the Restless' increased it's total number of viewers during the most-recently released ratings' week. Opinions about that reality reflect a different story.

Anyone can type as loudly as one wants. Surely, this author is believed to have done that by headline scanners and by those who read on and between the lines. Such is the intent of publicly-offered work within this engaging digital world.

After the first set of commercials have been skipped, we see that self-dubbed 'former YR fans' claim that this CBS show no longer projects through their HD screens, or that “everyone they know” has also abandoned the show. Take those souls at their word, as there is no reason to doubt them. Plus, the long-term daytime drama trend line has surely confirmed that fewer eyeballs are watching fictional lives as compared to days gone by.

It's obviously anyone's right to take from any entertainment tray. Clearly, all TV dinners won't look the same when the buffet line is bare. But, starting a food fight would only create a distraction, rather than change the truth on the table.

Numbers aren't hype, unless they're exaggerated. The Nielsen Ratings have stood as a neutral source of measured information for many decades. Certainly, non-believers can offer some type of meaningful statistic-based counter if they're able to. In the meantime, here's what has been confirmed:

The five most recent daytime ratings' results reveal that YR was seen by the following average number of viewers per day: 4.605 million (week-ending June 20, 2014), 4.390 million (week-ending June 27, 2014), 4.321 million (week-ending July 4, 2014), 4.478 million (week-ending July 11, 2014), and 4.536 million (week-ending July 18, 2014). Each mark ranked number 1 among all soap operas.

There's no cliffhanger. This enduring staple is still popular.

Some members of the audience (or former audience) will always be opposed to certain cast members, storylines or behind-the-scenes names. But, those personal opinions seem to represent a segment of the current vote, instead of a national TV referendum.

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