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'The Young and the Restless': Chloe Mitchell pulls the ripcord

Many lives have been disrupted since 'Delia' died. But, one character's mind was affected in ways that she mostly hid inside the world of 'The Young and the Restless'.

While it still hasn't been definitely proven, 'Adam Newman' was blamed for accidentally killing 'Chloe Mitchell's' daughter. 'Billy Abbott', long known for his outward expressions of emotion, took matters into his own pressured hands when he forced 'Victor Junior' into that now-fabled black SUV.

The results of 'Billy's' trial-by-no-jury led to a resulting car crash and Michael Muhney's planned departure. In classic soap opera style, Billy Miller went down the hillside and David Tom found his way back home.

Through this supercharged plot, the always-compelling Elizabeth Hendrickson continues to display a deep acting range with terrific results consistently demonstrated on the daytime screen.

While it appeared as though 'Chloe' was keeping herself together, bookend events from the spark of 'Adam's' disappearance through the ballroom benefit pushed this tortured character over the edge and onto a plane. Considering her current state of mind, as she jets across the North Atlantic Ocean with 'Connor Adam Newman' in tow, 'Chloe' might grab a parachute, pull the ripcord and jump from the plane with 'Chelsea Newman's' baby clutched in her arms.

'Kevin Fisher', presented by the terrifically talented Greg Rikaart, first became aware that everything wasn't right in 'Chloe's' mind and heart a few months ago. More than anyone, he knew how deeply 'Delia's' death had scorched her soul.

Now, 'Chelsea' (Melissa Claire Egan) and 'Victor Newman' (Eric Braeden) are on their way to hopefully help 'Chloe' avoid a European disaster. After that likely happens, one of the more shocking storms in recent memory will continue to envelope Genoa City in ways that can't be fully predicted.

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