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'The Young and the Restless': Cassie's impostor finally revealed

Grimes' acting range fits new character perfectly.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Putting all controversy about 'The Young and the Restless' aside for a moment, loyal fans applaud the current 'Cassie' storyline. It has everything that any good soap opera arc needs, which is why the revelation involving Camryn Grimes' character has proven riveting this week.

After months of extensive scripting, 'Nick' (Joshua Morrow) spotted Grimes' character and confronted her. Those watershed events alone will enable 'Sharon's' (Sharon Case) sanity to be generally restored. But, the fact that 'Nick' would coerce Grimes' character into acknowledging his father's complicity in a twisted scheme to haunt 'Sharon' was welcomed even more.

Some viewers and self-proclaimed former viewers have become increasingly jaded toward anything YR. So, they may not, or will not, allow themselves to enjoy one of the good stories that can still be found on this iconic show. The rest of the gathered crowd still cares about the residents of Genoa City.

Grimes full-time return to CBS' still-number one daytime drama proved noteworthy last year. Originally it seemed as though she had arrived in order to fill a 'John Abbott, Sr.' (Jerry Douglas) type of role. Ghost begone, because eventually it was revealed that she wasn't portraying 'Cassie' at all.

The viewers haven't been offered a name for 'Cassie's' doppelganger yet. However, they do know that 'Victor' (Eric Braeden) accidentally ran into this troubled girl. Then, the 'Dark Knight' subsequently paid her to haunt 'Sharon' for a variety of informational reasons.

Explosive events are sure to take place now that the four main participants ('Nick', 'Sharon', 'Victor' and Grimes' 'Cassie' look-a-like) are gathered in the tact house. Beyond those personal fireworks, the possibility that this impostor's genetics might be connected to 'Sharon' looms large. That story could prove to be one of the better tales told in YR's post-Michael Muhney era.

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