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'The Young and the Restless': Cassie Newman would never use that language

Camryn Grimes knowingly assumed a rough role when she agreed to return to 'The Young and the Restless' in post-'Cassie Newman' clothes. Increasingly crude words that her still-unnamed character is spitting at 'Sharon Newman' (Sharon Case) clearly are beyond the pale. So, how far will the show go in this direction before all is revealed?

The well-worn storyline where some real-life child star goes off the rails during early-adulthood has been publicly seen many times. Using that Hollywood template as a guide, the YR team decided to put a twist into its increasingly bizarre 'Is Cassie Alive?' storyline. Rather than somehow resurrect that beloved young girl, the writing staff gave Grimes a new character to play.

When 'Sharon' visited the graveyard this week, Grimes' character appeared and proceeded to verbally berate her. Longtime viewers know that's something 'Cassie' never would have done had she lived.

Just when it appeared that 'Sharon' was going to tell 'Nick Newman' (Joshua Morrow), who was late-to-the-scene once again, that she wasn't seeing a ghost, but an impostor instead, her mind veered in a truly sad direction. 'Sharon's' forced belief that 'Cassie' never died is painful on many levels.

Grimes' character is feeling more vexed by her forced assignment with each passing day. Plus, another Genoa City resident seems bound to see her at some point. So, this troubling storyline has to give way soon.

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