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'The Young and the Restless': Cassie Newman's look-a-like might change the story

'Sharon Newman' (Sharon Case) surely couldn't have made physical contact with a ghost this week on 'The Young and the Restless'. So, is it possible that 'Cassie Newman' (Camryn Grimes) is actually alive?

Soap logic leads one to conclude that 'Cassie' might have a twin, or a cousin who greatly resembles her. Either scenario would explain who this apparent 'look-a-like' is, but not why she has arrived in Genoa City. That's the hook.

Of course, the welcomed return of a beloved actor would also be an open attempt to shift viewers' passion regarding certain divisive staffing decisions that were recently made.

Grimes delivered one of daytime's all-time greatest performances by a young actor during her original tenure (1997-2005) on this still-strong CBS' show. The now 24-year-old surprisingly returned to her role last year. But, the visions 'Sharon' had of her deceased daughter were weaved through a mental health story line. And with that, thoughts of Grimes moving beyond her recurring status didn't seem realistic.

The recent sight of 'Cassie' peering at her mom through the front windows seemed perplexing because 'Sharon' has been following her regular medicine schedule. Then, when 'Sharon' touched whoever this person is this week, the very real possibility of Grimes full-time return suddenly came into play.

The death of 'Delia' was shocking, but hardly compared to 'Cassie's' final hospital bed scene. Grimes was written off the show due to a then-stated “change in direction” for 'Sharon' and 'Nick'.

Soap opera writers and those who sit above them can make mistakes. Human beings who work in the public eye are often excoriated for their real, or perceived, foibles. But, that's an understood part of the business.

As of now, it's possible that an attempt is being made to write this old wrong away. With consideration for all supposed spoilers, the next few weeks should reveal what the true story is.

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