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'The Young and the Restless': Camryn Grimes' dual role may split the audience

Grimes chose to embrace a daunting challenge by playing a negative character this time around.
Photo by Michael Buckner

Camryn Grimes indelible portrayal of 'Cassie Newman' on 'The Young and the Restless' was a sight to be seen starting in 1997. The tragic death of that young character stunned the audience in 2005. Now, as loyal viewers are still being dragged through the 'Delia Dies' storyline, Grimes is back to offer a form of emotional consolation. But, this time her new role might split the audience.

It was recently revealed that 'Victor Newman' (Eric Braeden) happened to be in the right place at the right time when he literally ran into 'Cassie's' dead ringer. The 'Dark Knight's' calculating mind quickly turned that odd happenstance into a vicious manipulative weapon that he's currently using against his former daughter-in-law (and wife) 'Sharon Newman' (Sharon Case).

'Nick Newman' nearly caught a glimpse of the non-ghost this week. So, it seems highly-likely that someone other than 'Sharon' is bound to see whoever Grimes is playing inside Genoa City very soon. But, more importantly, it's fair to wonder how the audience will accept this familiar face in a new small screen projection?

There are many daytime story arc comparisons that could be made at this point. Old-school 'Guiding Light' fans will recall when Vincent Irizarry agreed to embody 'Nick McHenry Spaulding', instead of 'Brandon 'Lujack' Luvanoczeck'. His second stint (1991-1996) on GL surprisingly lasted longer than his original run (1983-1985), but wasn't nearly as memorable.

Grimes chose to embrace a daunting challenge by playing a negative character this time around. Only the finest of actors can successfully gain the backing of an audience (or, the remaining amounts of it from her earlier stint) that previously cheered a well-liked role to the finish.

Talent is on Grimes' side. But, the 24-year-old soap veteran will also need superbly written story lines to succeed now.

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