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'The Young and the Restless': Adam Newman returns in July

Muhney's story continues to fill a portion of each scene Adam appears in.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

'Adam Newman' is presumed dead, yet he's still alive as all fans know. Michael Muhney-less scenes, showing various portions of his character's body (and whoever is filling-in), have been visible since the fated black SUV crashed in late-January. Now, this much-ballyhooed man has been seen again in July. But, when will this electric character's face be shown?

'Victor Adam Newman, Jr.' was hardly a controversial character when Hayden Tank first played the son of 'Hope Adams' (Signy Coleman) and the infamous 'Victor Newman' (Eric Braeden) as a boy on 'The Young and the Restless' in the mid-1990s. Fast-forward nearly twenty years, use soap time-advancement methods and an entirely different story has developed.

There is a segment of devoted fans, or former YR fans, who became enthralled with Muhney during his time in 'Adam's' clothes. Portions of that group have stopped watching the show entirely, in-part, or in-claim because of how they felt Muhney's former employer dealt with him. Such is their right.

There are other fans of this soap, as there have been with other daytime dramas throughout television history, who are committed to the ensemble. They may, or may not, feel that Muhney was treated badly, based upon their perception of unconfirmed details surrounding his heavily publicized departure. Whatever happened hasn't prevented them from continuing to enjoy CBS' script. Such is their right as well and now back to the show.

An installed camera has enabled 'Adam' to watch his son's room, while also eying his wife 'Chelsea Newman' (Melissa Claire Egan) whenever she's around. Most recently, the third face of 'Billy Abbott' (Burgess Jenkins) entered the surveillance scene in order to help solve the mystery of a buzzing sound that appeared to originate from somewhere above. As both GC-based characters approached Friday's cliffhanger, 'Adam' was fixed at an unknown location remotely viewing the live feed through the laptop on his desk.

The camera angle within this ongoing storyline is a bit goofy. Yet, apparently it was developed in order to control the time of 'Adam's' return. Conclusive minds might believe that YR has resorted to this storytelling trick because the show is experiencing difficulty in casting a new actor for Muhney's old role.

Recasting this key part is a major decision and it's not beyond reason to think that Muhney himself could return someday. However, if that isn't the plan, and in consideration of the always high number of unemployed actors in the world, does it seem logical to conclude that everyone who was offered the job has refused paid work on daytime's still-number 1 show? If so, the name of Robert Wigthman should be reviewed because he once assumed a beloved role (John Walton, Jr.) that another actor (Richard Thomas) initially made famous on another iconic CBS television show that was vital to its nighttime schedule decades ago.

Meanwhile, fans of YR and of the genre itself will keep watching throughout July. With all real-life implications offered right respect, this story arc is still interesting. And, that's why this show still reigns over the soap world.

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