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'The Young and the Restless' abandoned by some loyal viewers

'The Young and the Restless' has been daytime's number one drama for 25 years, a mark that was never hit by any other show in this genre's history. Hubris affects people in various ways.

However, this unstoppable CBS' steamer has come under fire from a segment of the fan base during the past year. So, are reactions from one chunk of the audience purely based on emotion, or is there logic behind the revolt?

Soap operas by their nature are followed by viewers who suspend belief in order to support the fictional content that's presented to them. Outlandish schemes, extensive marriage resumes, rap sheets on nearly every man, woman and child in town combine to make shows like YR sublime guilty pleasures. Though keep in mind, these personal connections to certain stars, story arcs and the like all stand on a tightrope.

Lose an iconic actor (Jeanne Cooper), while not instantly creating a memorial show, refuse to adhere to a well-liked actor's (Billy Miller) request to moonlight, or replace an explosive star (Michael Muhney) for still-mysterious reasons and a pack will gather to feed.

It appears as though the powers that control Genoa City have calculated that every storm will be weathered and that any lost viewers already have been supplanted by newbies, or returned devotees.
That calculation better be right, because if it's not the reigning ratings champ could be headed for a major fall.

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