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The 'You Held Me Back Before I Was Born' Weekly Update!

Photo by John Sciulli/WireImage for LIONSGATE

Nikki Bella was vicious on Brie Bella this past Monday Night Raw! This is good for the sisters to get a lot of T.V time together, which I pictured the planning happening at dinner with their partners (Daniel Bryan & John Cena. I imagined last years SummerSlam being planned at a dinner). There is a lot to get to, so let's jump in.

  • The Ross Report---

Jim Ross had longtime WCW announcer Tony Schiavone on his podcast this week. The two talked about the early days of their career, their part in the Monday Night War, and life after WCW. Tony Schiavone helped narrate something I fell in love with when I was growing up and I wished I could have kept up with him in the last decade plus. Jim Ross' podcast is a must listen for any wrestling fan as he breaks down current product before he brings on a guest. Check out these two legends and many more on .

  • RVD's Departure---

Rob Van Dam is reportedly leaving the company this week as his deal is set to expire. Deals like his sold me on the 'part-timers' because I get to see one of my favorite guys of all time wrestle, and also he goes out there and quietly has one of the best matches that week. I'd rather see RVD for a few months then never see him wrestle at all (which is like the same for everyone else if he went back to Impact Wrestling,! Okay, Okay, I kid!) I'm still thrilled at the fact that I got to see him last year at WWEDC in September! Rest up, RVD, and hopefully bring us more of your greatness in 2015!

  • Ryback Leaving---

This isn't big news to me, but I'll be happy if this story is true. Ryback is reportedly taking some time off, which wouldn't be a bad idea for WWE to have some kind of rotation so talent doesn't get burned out and quit like that one guy. I'm not a fan of Ryback, but I hope if he leaves, he rests up to try to come back better than ever. Which shouldn't be too hard, because I'll never let him forget "Yup Yup Yup, What It Do!"

  • Batista Leaving WWE?---

Batista had time off recently to promote his movie and was expected to come back full-time. Reports backstage are saying how that may not happen, with expectations of him getting more movie offers. I don't like to discuss speculation, but this tickled me! You want to talk against part timers, bring up his 2014. Talk about taking up a main event spot, can you honestly say he put on a great match during his comeback? The matches he was in was carried by other guys, which is a BIG reason he was getting boo'd (despite of what he'll ever say.) One article I read said 'the WWE dropped the ball on Batista's creative', can I get a big Zach Ryder 'ARE YOU SERIOUS, BRO?' He came back and they gave him the Royal Rumble victory and the main event at WrestleMania! Daniel Bryan being hot didn't leave him in the dust, his lack of ability did.

  • Alberto Del Rio---

At the Mexican organization AAA 'TripleMania' PPV, Del Rio cut a promo insinuating that WWE is racist and held him back. I don't think that's true at all since he was multiple World Champion and they gave him the victory at the biggest Royal Rumble of all time. I was definitely sold on his skill and hope the bitterness between him and the E gets squashed.

  • Rey Mysterio---

In an interesting turn of events, Rey Mysterio had a video at that PPV saying how he will be coming back to AAA (even though he is under contract with WWE till next year.) Of course this would ruffle feathers, but the WWE should just let him go. We're not getting much from the injury prone Mysterio so there isn't too much of a payoff in keeping him besides selling his mask on the WWE Rey has always been one of the best lightweights and was fought hard by people to give him a world title.

The Night of Champions PPV is starting to take shape, Dean Ambrose is off of t.v to do a WWE movie (please, please, come back soon Dean) and we're getting a t.v feud with Bo Dallas and Jack Swagger. This past Raw was very stale, so I hope Ambrose isn't off for too long because he has been the best part of the shows. SmackDown and Impact are moving to different nights, and there isn't much more Chris Jericho in WWE left for this run because his Fozzy tour is starting. So make sure you check out the Pod of Thunder, 'Talk is Jericho' Podcast, also on!

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