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The yoga of cooking: Putting vibrational and karmic love into everyday tasks

Yoga practice also extends to the kitchen
Yoga practice also extends to the kitchen
Photo by Tim P. Whitby

Cooking belongs to the tradition of Karma yoga. It is the most powerful of the yoga paths. For the most part cooking is a devalued and taken-for-granted process in modern culture making it a more profound yoga.

The yoga of cooking can easily be practiced everyday within the circle of family life. In conjunction remember that yoga masters in many cultures are thought of as the grandmothers of the world.

In vibration we are closely linked with family. Energy put into food preparation incorporates the vibration of the person and ingredients used in the task. Eating home cooking of itself is ingesting devotion and care.

Put aside anger, pressure and resentment when cooking as the energy of these are transmitted through the intimacy of those who ingest what is prepared.

Our society devalues cooking with an attitude that it is woman's work and resentment is carried in its preparation.

Food is nature's greatest generosity. Cooking and serving it is a fundamental act of human nurture. In a deep biological way sharing food is love.

As an expression of love, preparing food is sacred. It is a venerable act.

To make yoga of cooking realize that such a mundane activity is actually spiritual and not to be brushed off but approached with a sincere and devoted attitude. One can express his caring through cooking in using nutritional ingredients as to his understanding and also in not seeking appreciation but finding satisfaction in others pleasure.

Read more about transcending the dogmas of nourishment in The Yoga of Eating (2003) New Trends: Washington DC, by Charles Eisenstein. The above theories are referenced to this fascinating book.

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